Coaching Staff

One of the reasons for our club’s success lies within our coaching staff. Our culture of excellence is a result of the quality of coaches we have and the coaching development that we promote. The dedication to team work, professionalism and work ethic are pillars in our coaching philosophy. Our coaches strive to model this for athletes as they seek to promote and instill the same values in all club members.

Capital City Track Club is proud to have the following coaches for the 2021-2022 season. For more info on the coaching staff check out their bios here!

CoachTitleAge Group
Rob FisherHead Coach/ Director of High PerformanceU20, U23 & SeniorĀ 
Coordination of outdoor season Sherwood Park group
Ciera WolfLead Throws CoachU16 to Senior
Kevin BlimkeLead U18 and U20 Power/Speed/Jumps CoachU18 & U20
Raeleen HunterLead Mid/Long Distance CoachU16 to U20
Rachel YeeLead U14 & U16 Power/Speed/Jumps CoachU14 & U16
Danelle SheppardLead U10 & U12 Run, Jump, Throw CoachU10 & U12
Lauren TownU14 & U16 Power/Speed/Jumps Assistant CoachU14 & U16
Emily CliffU14 & U16 Power/Speed/Jumps Assistant CoachU14 & U16
Madison KirchnerU14 & U16 Power/Speed/Jumps Assistant CoachU14 & U16
Reem HamdonU10 & U12 Assistant CoachU10 & U12

All of our coaches are proud to serve Elementary, Junior and Senior High School programs in Edmonton and the Surrounding areas.