Tegan McKechnie

Junior Development Coach

U14 & U16

Tegan, born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, has experience in multiple sports from his childhood until ultimately finding his spot in track and field in 2018. He has been a competitive athlete since his journey began with Edmonton Thunder, a time in which he also began to develop his coaching skills. After 3 years with Edmonton Thunder, he joined Capital City as an athlete with the goal of competing and training at a higher level. While continuing with his career as an athlete, he was approached to continue working on his coaching experience where he is now a coach with the U14/U16 power/speed group. He is very excited to be a strong example of hard work and passion for the sport, something he hopes to influence into the younger generations of track and field. Outside of track, Tegan is pursuing entrepreneurship with the help of his own personal mentor who has brought him lots of personal and professional growth that he has been able to apply to his training and competitions.