Membership 2018/2019

New Member Summer Discount

Capital City Track Club is pleased to announce that for new first time members who join after April 1st, 2019, they will receive a $300 discount off the annual fees.

Please be advised that our membership runs from October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019.

Group Age (As of Dec.31, 2019) Club Fees
Peewee/Bantam 10-13 years $700
Midget (Provincial Stream) 14-15 years $900
Youth (Provincial Stream) 16-17 years $900
Midget (National Stream) 14-15 years $1200
Youth (National Stream) 16-17 years $1200
Juniors 18-19 years $1200
Seniors 20+ years $1200
High Performance (Coach Initiated) 18+ years $1500
Associates N/A $600
University Athlete Rebate – Joins before December 1st N/A $900

Midget and Youth Provincial Stream vs National Stream:

Capital City is pleased to offer two different streams for our Midget and Youth athletes.  The main reason for these streams is because not all athletes in this age range have the desire or ability to train more than two or three times a week and have the performance level to compete at a national level.  Our National Stream supports athletes wishing to train with higher frequency and will in turn receive greater support from the club in the pursuit of competing at the Midget and Youth National Championships.  Our Provincial Stream supports athletes who may be new to the sport, have not achieved the performance level to compete at a National Championship yet, or is involved in multiple sports and is still pursuing many sporting options. Athletes in this stream will still receive the same level of commitment from the club and their coach but may not train at every session and won’t receive financial support from the club to compete at the National Championships. For more information on these streams, please feel free to contact your club coach.

Club fees are used to pay for athlete expenses and may include the following:

  • U of A facility / Kinsmen Facility Fees ($300-$600 per athlete, may include high performance training facility at the university’s discretion)
  • Outdoor facility fees ($50-$150 per athlete)
  • Training Center Access, Private Gyms, City of Edmonton or University of Alberta ($300 to $600 per athlete, non High Performance)
  • Coach’s Honorariums
  • Competition Uniform and T Shirt
  • Travel & Accommodation costs for athletes, coaches, and chaperons (Midget and older)
  • Entry fees to competitions
  • Administrative Costs

Club fees DO NOT support the following:

  • Althetics Alberta Membership fees (this is to be registered and renewed with Athletics Alberta )
  • Team Alberta fees
  • National Team fees

For more information, please contact our club administrator, Paul Shelby or at 780-993-8806 (or by emailing him using the contact page).