Rachel Yee

Lead Junior Development Coach

U14 & U16

Rachel, originally from Calgary, AB, began her track career with CALTAF where she trained in the distance group for eight years, initially, as cross training for hockey.  Upon transitioning to track full time and while completing her BSc degree in Biological Sciences at the UofC, she had the opportunity to coach CALTAF’s youngest training group, the CALTAF Cheetahs.  Rachel’s effectiveness as a Cheetah coach was evident by the growth of the group from an initial 40 kids to over 100 by the end of her 3 year tenure.  Through this experience, Rachel developed her love for coaching and passion for developing and inspiring young athletes to overcome the challenges of competitive track and field.  In addition, Rachel was employed by the Calgary Track Council as a Run, Jump, Throw instructor for delivery of the program in various elementary schools around the city to promote physical literacy in elementary aged children. She enjoys teaching the fundamentals of track and encourages a strong worth ethic and good sportsmanship.  It was through track that Rachel discovered the many life lessons the sport has to offer, which she hopes she can pass forward to future generations of track athletes. Upon moving to Edmonton to complete her MSc degree in Environmental Engineering at the UofA, she connected with Capital City where she started the junior developmental group for the club – an age group the club previously did not offer training for. Over the years, she has helped mentor new coaches and continues to coach the club’s junior development program. While not at the track, she works in environmental consulting during the day and spends her free time coaching, running or at the climbing gym!


  • NCCP Run, Jump, Throw – Certified
  • NCCP Sport Coach – Certified
  • NCCP Club Coach: Endurance – Trained
  • NCCP Club Coach: Jumps – Trained
  • Athletics Alberta Run, Jump, Throw Coach Evaluator – In Training
  • Athletics Alberta Run, Jump, Throw Learning Facilitator – Trained