Reem Hamdon

U10 & U12 Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel Assistant Coach

Reem Hamdon is continuing her second year coaching for the Capital City Track Club. In 2021, Reem began coaching the U10/U12 group for their summer and fall training seasons until moving up to the U14/U16 group for their indoor and outdoor seasons. She is back coaching the U10/U12 group this year alongside Danelle Sheppard. Reem is completing her degree in Honors Physiology at the UofA while writing her thesis and hopes to continue her career in the health-care field. Her previous track career consisted of competing at the Running Room Games and joining her school track clubs since she was a kid until she joined the Columbians Track and Field club for 3 years. After that, she became a varsity sprinter at the UofA under Rob Fisher’s program and competed with Capital City in the summer. Reem has retired from her track career but continues showing her passion for the sport through coaching.